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Tseng, Dah-Chian

  Dr. Dah-Chian Tseng is currently a researcher (2015–present) at the Research Center for Education System and Policy, NAER. His major research interests include education law and the education system. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in mathematical sciences from National Chengchi University and a bachelor’s degree in law from National Taiwan University, he pursued graduate studies in education at National Chengchi University and received his doctorate in 2003. Previously, he worked as a middle school teacher, an Assistant Editor, and an Associate Editor at the National Institute for Compilation and Translation. He was also the Director of the Department of Junior College and Vocational School Textbooks (2009–2011).
  Dr. Dah-Chian Tseng has focused his studies on integrative problems of education and law. In addition to the traditional academic field of education law, Dr. Tseng has been engaged in long-term, micro-level issues at educational sites owing to his academic background in educational administration and practical experience in a middle school. In recent years, Dr. Tseng has devoted himself to studies regarding labor issues in education and the development of rural education.

Research Field
  • Education Law
  • Educational System
  • Ph.D., Education, National Chengchi University
  • LL.B., Law, National Taiwan University
Publications: Research Projects(32),
Found: Results
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