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Chu, Mei-Chen

  Mei-Chen Chu is an associate research fellow at the Center for Textbook Research of the National Academy for Educational Research (NAER). Her fields of expertise are textbook research and civic education.
Since taking up employment at the National Institute for Compilation and Translation(NICT), Chu has participated the compilation and review of Civics and moral, English textbooks in 1985 and 1994 curriculum guidelines for junior high school. In 2000, the opening of the textbook market to commercial publishers under the condition of governmental review, Chu has been responsible for general affairs relating to the textbooks review of social studies, integrative activities, and arts and humanities. Therefore, Chu has a deep understanding of textbook compilation and review tasks.

  In 2011, when the NICT was integrated into the NAER, Chu shifted her primary tasks from administrative affairs to educational research concerning textbook compilation and review. She is primarily responsible for the English subjects. Since the implementation of the 12-year basic education, Chu has participated in the review and approval of English textbooks for primary and secondary school students. She hopes to contribute to the improvement of textbook quality using her relevant experience in research and administration.

Research Field
  • Textbook Research
  • Civic Education
  • Ph.D., Civic Education and Leadership, National Taiwan Normal University
Publications: Research Projects(12),
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