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Lee, Li-Ling

  In 1995, Li-Ling Lee obtained a master’s degree from the Department of Geography at National Taiwan University. Subsequently, Lee worked at Taiwan Provincial Institute for Secondary School Teachers’ Training Service and the NAER Preparatory Office’s Center for Educational Leadership and Professional Development. In 2011, Lee worked as an Assistant Researcher in the Center for Textbook Research. Since then, on the basis of work experience and academic background, Lee began to focus on textbook research with consideration of the professional competences of textbook-reviewing committee members, the textbook review and approval system, the evolution of epistemology and curriculum views for junior high school geography textbooks, high school geography textbook review, and high school geography textbook content analysis.

Research Field
  • Textbook Research
  • Geography Education
  • M.Sc., Geography, National Taiwan University
Publications: 專章(3)
Publications: Research Projects(15),
Found: Results
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