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Hsieh, Ming-chua
  • 謝名娟Hsieh, Ming-chua Research Fellow, Research Center for Testing and Assessment
  • mhsieh@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7305

  Dr. Mingchuan Hsieh is a Research Associate at the Research Center for Testing and Assessment. She holds a PhD in educational measurement and statistics and a master’s degree in statistics from the University of Iowa in the United States.

  Dr. Hsieh is the Executive Director of the Chinese Association of Innovative Information and Applied Statistics and the Executive Editor of the The International Journal of Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics (IJITAS). She also serves as a member of the school evaluation committee and teaches as an adjunct professor at universities. At the NAER, she develops assessment tools for evaluating students’ core competencies for new curricula. She is also in charge of planning the evaluation system for preservice principal training.

  In recent years, her work has focused on performance assessment, including the application of Rasch models for evaluating examinees’ behavior, development of valid and reliable scoring rubrics, and design of appropriate schema for training raters.
Before joining the NAER, she worked as a psychometrician in the United States and was responsible for test design, standards setting, and the analysis of state tests. She is also a certified mathematics teacher at a junior high school.

Research Field
  • Measurement and Statistics
  • Performance Assessment
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Ph.D., Educational Measurement and Statistics, University of Iowa, USA
Publications: Journal Articles(4)專章(2)專書(2)
Found: Results
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