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Li, Shih-Min
  • 李詩敏Li, Shih-Min Assistant Research Fellow, Research Center for Translation
  • smli@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7823

  Shih-min Li's research focuses on linguistics, corpus linguistics, and language education. She is primarily interested in the forms of Mandarin and Hakka that exist in Taiwan, and she has participated in the research and construction of the written and spoken corpora of these two languages. Related research has included synonyms, lexical semantics, the interaction of lexical semantics and constructions, and language contact and variation. Currently, language education is her main research interest, and her research topics have expanded to corpus-based language education research (e.g., characters, words and grammars used by native and non-native speakers of Taiwanese Mandarin, and corpus-tool-based analyses of Mandarin synonyms) and research on language education policy in Taiwan. Her works are mostly cross-disciplinary and applicable to contrastive analyses of languages, natural language processing, and language education.

Research Field
  • Linguistics
  • Corpus Linguistics
  • Language Education
  • Ph.D., Linguistics, National Chengchi University
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