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Chien, Wei-Cheng
  • 簡瑋成Chien, Wei-Cheng Associate Research Fellow, Research Center for Education Systems and Policy
  • wcchien@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7166

  Wei-Cheng works at the Research Center for Educational System and Policy, NAER. He is actively involved in realizing research applications and in research projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Furthermore, he is competing for other types of research projects.

  After graduating from the Department of Graphic Arts and Communications, National Taiwan Normal University, he was eager to study education and found that he was proficient at academic research. Thus, he obtained a master’s degree in education from the Department of Education Policy and Administration, National Chi Nan University. Subsequently, he completed his PhD in the Department of Education, National Chengchi University.

  His interests lie in research on education administration and policy. He also has expertise in education testing and statistics. Thus, Wei-Cheng is conducting institutional research and research on education-related databases. In recent years, he has focused more on the research and analysis of student learning outcomes. He intends to find the best method of improving student learning outcomes through collecting considerable scientific evidence.

Research Field
  • Education Administration and Policy
  • Educational Testing and Statistics
  • Institutional Research
  • Ed.D., Education Administration, National Chengchi University
  • M.Ed., Education Administration, National Chi Nan University
  • B.E., Graphic Arts and Communications, National Taiwan Normal University
Publications: Research Projects(9),
Found: Results
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