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Yen, Chin-Hsiang

  Dr. Chin-Hsiang Yen is the Academic Vice President of the National Academy for Educational Research and specializes in international comparative education, education policy analysis, and curriculum development and evaluation. 

  Dr. Yen has extensive academic and administrative experience. He served as a distinguished researcher of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies at National Sun Yet-sen University; Professor, Dean of Internship and Career Services Division, and Dean of Research and Development Office at National Pingtung University; and Associate Professor and Director of Teacher Education Center at National Taiwan Ocean University. Dr. Yen was also a visiting scholar at the University of Oxford. In addition, during his time serving as the Director-General of Department of Education at Pingtung County Government and Education Bureau at Taichung City Government, Dr. Yen devoted himself to promoting professional development for teachers to support student learning and the establishment of charter schools to assist small schools in transformation. Lately, Dr. Yen pays much attention to Taiwan’s vocational education policy and research on new curriculum guidelines with moderate flexibility and rigidity. 

Research Field
  • International Comparative Education
  • Educational Policy Analysis
  • Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • PhD, National Chengchi University
  • Academic Vice President, National Academy for Educational Research
  • Distinguished Researcher, Center for Southeast Asia Studies, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • Adjunct Professor, Institute of Education, National Sun Yat-sen University
  • President, World Forum For GreenMech Promotion
  • Director-General, Education Bureau of Taichung City Government
  • Director-General, Department of Education, Pingtung County Government
  • Visiting Scholar, Oxford University, UK
  • Professor, Dean of Internship and Career Services Division, Dean of Research and Development Office, National Pingtung University
  • Associate Professor, Director of Teacher Education Center, National Taiwan Ocean University
Publications: Journal Articles(3)專書(1)
Publications: Research Projects(2),
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