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Cho, Yi-An

Cho Yi-an is an assistant researcher for the textbook center in the National Academy for Educational Research. His favorite research fields include mathematics teacher’s knowledge, mathematics teacher’s thinking and research of classroom observation.
Cho Yi-an had been a high-school mathematics teacher from 2002 to 2020. He worked at the national Hsinchu senior industrial vocational school and taught students in the different kind of educational system. At administrative service, he had been a counselor of the center of principal and teacher’s professional development and the senior high curriculum and instruction team respectively in the Hsinchu city. He attempted to help teachers for the development of classroom teaching and curriculum. The main goal is to promote the quality of teacher’s teaching and student’s learning. In the future, he wants to promote the quality of textbooks.

Research Field
  • Mathematics Teacher’s Knowledge
  • Mathematics Teacher’s Thinking
  • Classroom Observation
Publications: Journal Articles(1)
Publications: Research Projects(3),
Found: Results
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