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Research Center for Testing and Assessment
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The core duties of this center involve conducting research on various topics, including domestic and international education, statistics of testing, and learning assessments. The aim of the “Longitudinal Study of Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement” is to compare the improvement in students’ learning ability between the previous curriculum system and the new curriculum system involving 12-year compulsory education. Factors affecting the improvement in learning ability will be explored, and the results may serve as a reference for reforms of the curriculum system and for education policies in the future.

This center has also constructed an office for large-scale international comparative studies in education. The results of comparative studies conducted on common international assessments (e.g., Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study, Program for International Student Assessment, Progress in International Reading Literacy Study, and International Civic and Citizenship Education Study) will be compiled and used in the implementation of national policies on education. The office also serves as a hub for international cooperation and domestic implementations.

In conformity with the recently promoted student-centered learning, this center has also developed digital self-learning platforms. The center plans to construct diverse and differentiated learning platforms; such platforms can determine the most effective learning methods for each student according to their user data on the platforms and provide timely feedback to users.