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Center for Textbook Research
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A. Tasks

  1. Planning and conducting the applicable research on textbooks.
  2. Surveying and analyzing material collected pertinent to textbooks developments.
  3. Formulating the textbook develop index.
  4. Evaluating the primary/secondary textbooks.
  5. Editing and digitalizing of textbook material.
  6. Subsidizing textbook research and development.
  7. Collecting and editing textbook research results.
  8. Pertinent issues with textbook development.

B.  Research Goals

           Textbooks are highly relevant to students' learing quality and teachers' teaching effectiveness. NAER would mainly focus on points as follows:

  1. Promote applicable and basic research to professionally develop textbooks.
  2. Evaluate primary/secondary textbooks to enhance their quality.
  3. To store, promote and apply textbooks to deepen its quality.
  4. To hosting international seminars relating to textbook issues, and to publish textbook journals to promote the international interactions among relevant research institutes.

           NAER's textbook development focuses both on administrative and research aspect. It is anticipated that this center may serve as a key institute for domestic and international textbook researches. In addition to enforce the administrative effectiveness and enhance the textbook quality, the theory and practical works of textbook research are combined to deepen the profundity and fully play the research policy and functions of research think tank.