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Development Center for Compilation and Translation
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The main goals of this center are to conduct research and development on basic knowledge and language education for Taiwan's education.

The research of basic knowledge content focuses on corpora application, Chinese language proficiency index, grading scale for characters, words and grammar, grading scale for commonly used Chinese characters and words, application of academic glossaries in textbooks, and development of dictionaries; the latter two are the pioneer researches in the field. The development of basic knowledge content includes Chinese translation of English academic glossaries in various disciplines, English translation of Chinese glossaries, compilation of five Ministry of Education Chinese dictionaries, and the establishment of corpus of written Chinese, corpus of spoken Chinese, interlanguage corpus and Chinese-English parallel corpus.

          The research of language education includes study on Mandarin, Minnan, Hakka, new immigrants and foreign language education, and training of translation professionals in Taiwan; the latter is a more complete analysis of the topic.