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Center for Educational Leadership and Professional Development
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     The duties of this center are to train the education workforce and construct a complete system of continuous learning for leadership talents. This center executes tasks that include conducting preservice preparation for director and principal candidates in all counties and cities and providing intensive workshops and accommodation to participants. Moreover, this center hosts theme-based professional training exercises for in-service directors, principals, and other personnel education administration. In conformity with the contemporary education policies and critical issues, the center supports the Ministry of Education to host three-stage training exercises for compulsory education counseling groups as well as in-service training exercises for teachers and administrative personnel. Thus, the professional skills of educational teams can be improved.

     The longitudinal development of training courses for the education workforce contributes to the creation of diverse learning contents, innovative training modes, and performance assessment systems. Additionally, the emphasis on mentoring and learning from paradigms evokes educators’ sense of purpose and passion, enhances teachers’ educational competency, benefits each of the students, and improves students’ preparedness for future tasks.