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    Authorization method and scope

    In order to benefit the widespread use of the website information, all the information and materials published on the World Wide Web of the National Academy for Educational Research are subject to copyright protection and are provided for public use in a free, non-exclusive, and sublicensed manner. Users may conduct reproduction, modification, editing, public transmission or use by other means, development of various products or services (referred to as Value-added Derivatives) without limitations to time and location. This authorization will not be subsequently withdrawn, and users do not need to obtain the authorization by this Agency in writing or by other means; However, the source should be indicated when being used.

  • II.

    Description of related matters:

  • a.

    The scope of this authorization only extends to the scope of copyright protection, and not to other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks, and agency logos.

  • b.

    Whether the personal data disclosed by the parties themselves or disclosed in accordance with the law and regulations can be collected, processed and used, the user must plan and implement the corresponding measures required by the law in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

  • c.

    With some video, images, musical composition, and specialist project articles and other writings, once a specific statement is made by a government agency, permission must be obtained before usage is allowed; if rights do not belong to the Academy, permission must still be obtained from the original rights holders before usage is allowed.

  • III.

    Attention shall be paid not to infringing the moral rights of third parties (including the right to express names and the right to prohibit inappropriate changes).

  • IV.

    When using the information and materials provided by this authorization, users shall not maliciously change the relevant information. If the information displayed after the use does not match the original information and materials, users shall bear civil and criminal liabilities by themselves.

  • V.

    The authorization of this Website does not grant users the status of suggesting, recognizing or approving their Value-added Derivatives on behalf of this Agency.

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