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National Academy for Educational Research (NAER) handles applications on public viewing, hand-copying, or duplication of its archives in accordance with Article 17 to 21 of the Archives Act, Article 18 of the Freedom of Government Information Law, Article 46 of the Administrative Procedure Act, and other relevant laws and regulations. That is to provide the public with historical testimony, academic research, evidence verification, and business reference for revitalizing and enhancing the value of the archives.

National Academy for Educational Research Application Instructions for Viewing and Use of Archives

Promulgated by Decree No.: Chiao-Yen-Mi-Tzu-10000010166A on December 22, 2011

Amended by Decree No.: Chiao-Yen-Mi-Tzu-1051800438B on May 12, 2016

  • 1.

    The National Academy for Educational Research (hereinafter referred to as this Academy) has, in order to provide the general public with applications for use of archives of this Academy, hereby formulated these Instructions in accordance with the Procedural Guidelines on Applications for Use of Archives of this Academy.

  • 2.

    2. In order to apply for use of the archives, it is required to read these Instructions carefully and visit the Navigating Electronic Agencies’ Records at(https://near.archives.gov.tw/)to search for the file name and file number of the archives, after which an application form (Attachment 1) is required to be filled out in detail or a request in writing specifying the required matters and delivered in person or sent by means of written communication to this Academy in accordance with the operating procedures.

  • 3.

    3. Those who apply for viewing, copying or transcribing the archives of this Academy are required to fill out the “Application Form for Viewing, Copying or Transcribing Archives of the National Academy for Educational Research”, or specify the following matters in writing:

  • (1)

    Applicant's name, date of birth, telephone number, domicile (residence), and the identity document number. If the applicant is a legal person or otherwise a group assigned a manager or representative, its name, the firm or business office or the name, date of birth, telephone number, and domicile (residence) of the manager or representative.

  • (2)

    If it is an agent acting on behalf of the applicant, his/her name, date of birth, telephone number, domicile (residence), and the identity document number; If it is a designated agent, a power of attorney (Attachment 2) shall be submitted; If it is a statutory agent, the relationship thereof shall be specified.

  • (3)

    Item of the application.

  • (4)

    Name or the summary of content of the archives.

  • (5)

    Archives number or the number of the incoming or outgoing letter.

  • (6)

    Purpose of the application.

  • (7)

    Date of the application.

  • (8)

    This Academy shall in principle provide duplicates for use of the archives thereof. In case it is necessary to use the original archives, the reason thereof shall be specified.

  • 4.

    When accepting applications for viewing, transcribing, or copying archives, this Academy shall notify the applicant in writing of the review result within 30 days at the latest upon the date of its acceptance. If the application for use does not conform to the prescribed procedures or the information thereof is incomplete and the applicant is therefore notified of the need to make supplements or corrections, such supplements or corrections shall be made within seven (7) days; If such supplements or corrections fail to be made or cannot be made by the deadline, the application may be dismissed. If such supplements or corrections have been made, the period of review shall be recounted from the date of such supplements or corrections have been made by the applicant.

  • 5.

    Applicants shall pay their visits to this Academy to use the archives within 60 days from the date of receiving the notice of the review result (Attachment 3) after having contacted the person in charge of the file management unit in advance for prior preparation. When using the archives, applicants shall present the notice of the review result and the identify document with the photo of applicants themselves attached thereto at the designated place. After the archivist checks the notice of the review result and identity document or the power of attorney, and complete the registration process on the Use of Archives Register at the reading room, the applicant may enter the reading place, confirm the number of pieces and sign on the Use of Archives Receipt (Attachment 4) .

  • 6.

    When applicants enter the reading place, apart from the notebook, personal belongings and backpacks shall be placed in the locker, and the following matters shall be noted:

  • (1)

    No eating and drinking, smoking, or making loud noises.

  • (2)

    Maintain the tidiness and cleanliness of the environment without making a mess.

  • (3)

    After the archivist hands over the archives to the applicant for use, the applicant should sign on the Use of Archives Receipt.

  • (4)

    When transcribing archives, applicants may only use pencils or portable computers.

  • (5)

    Please put your personal belongings in the locker with locks installed at this Academy.

  • (6)

    It is forbidden to connect to the power supply without the permission of the service personnel. Without applications for approval, it is not allowed to record video (audio) or photograph without authorization.

  • (7)

    The equipment provided by this Academy for use shall be properly maintained and shall not be damaged. Violators shall be liable for damages in accordance with the law.

  • (8)

    If it is necessary to leave the reading place, the archives shall be handed over to and kept at the service counter, and applicants shall complete the logout operation on the image system being used.

  • 7.

    Applicants who view, transcribe, or copy files shall keep the integrity of the archives information and must not carry out the following acts:

  • (1)

    Annotate, alter, replace, extract, mark or deface files.

  • (2)

    Unbind the bound archives.

  • (3)

    Destroy archives or modify contents of archives by other means.

  • 8.

    If the applicant is in the circumstances set out in the preceding two points, this Academy may cease him/her from using and recording the archives, and proceed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations; If involving criminal liabilities, the applicant shall be transferred to the competent procecuting authority for investigation.

  • 9.

    The archives applied for use shall not be carried out of the designated reading place, and shall be returned on the same day. If the use cannot be completed on the same day, the person in charge of the archive management unit shall first make a note of the use status on the Use of Archives Receipt and return the archives first. The person in charge may make an appointment with the applicant on another date to retrieve such archives for further use.

  • 10.

    After the use of the archives is completed and the archives are returned, the applicant shall pay the fee to the file management unit subject to the charge method for use of the archives of this Academy in accordance with the Fee Standards for Viewing, Hand-copying and Duplication of Archives set by the National Archives Administration of the National Development Council (Attachment 5). If in need of additional postal service, the postage shall be calculated based on the actual amount plus a processing fee in the amount of NT$ 50 for each round of service. The archivist shall issue a receipt to be handed over together with the duplicate of the archives to the applicant.

  • 11.

    The opening hours of this Academy for use of archives are Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, excluding regular holidays and national holidays. If this Academy will be closed due to other special reasons, a separate announcement will be made.

  • 12.

    If you need to use your own laptop, reading aids or other devices, such devices may only be used when being specified at the time of application and permission is given.

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