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Huang, Chi-Hui
  • 黃祺惠Huang, Chi-Hui Assistant Research Fellow, Research Center for Curriculum and Instruction
  • emma1117@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7236

  Chi-Hui Huang’s research expertise is in aesthetic education, visual arts and fine arts education, and visual culture. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the Department of Arts and Arts Education of National Taipei University of Education, Huang enrolled in the master’s and PhD programs in the Department of Fine Arts of National Taiwan Normal University to further develop knowledge about her research interests. During Huang’s study in graduate programs, she not only familiarized herself with theories of arts education but also obtained practical teaching experience by working in various schools, including as a substitute arts and humanities teacher at Xiude Elementary School in New Taipei City, as a teaching intern at Taipei Municipal Jinhua Junior High School, and as a part-time art teacher at Taipei First Girls High School for two years while writing her dissertation. The aforementioned positions allowed Huang to not only practice teaching but also acknowledge practical difficulties in this field. Nevertheless, the acknowledgment of the areas for improvement in education in Taiwan enhanced Huang’s interests and instilled her with a sense of determination to make improvements in aesthetic and arts education. Huang has devoted considerable attention to this area for many years and has participated in numerous projects involving the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently, Huang is employed at the National Academy for Educational Research as a co-principal investigator for the Asia-Pacific Office for Aesthetic Education of the Ministry of Education tasked with promoting the Mid to Long Term Plan for Aesthetic Education, and is responsible for the promotion of the 12-year basic education curriculum guidelines for the arts. Huang wishes to contribute to aesthetic and arts education in Taiwan as much as possible through research and promotion.

Research Field
  • Visual Arts Education
  • Aesthetic Education
  • Visual Culture
Found: Results
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