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Chen, Ju-Ling
  • 陳茹玲Chen, Ju-Ling Associate Research Fellow, Research Center for Indigenous Education
  • juling@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7147

  Ju-Ling Chen holds a PhD degree in educational psychology and counseling from National Taiwan Normal University. Her research fields include reading psychology, educational psychology, readability, and language education, with a focus on educational psychology and reading psychology. She has been a pedagogue in both elementary schools and universities, and has developed interests in basic research and applied research. She is familiar with the operation of eye trackers and the coding of psychological experiment programs. Additionally, she is keenly interested in applied research and has been involved in leading, teaching, and supervising curriculum designs. Recently, she has participated in numerous projects, including those related to online reading, readability, auto-tutor system development, self-directed learning system development, Chinese as a Foreign Language proficiency guideline development, and language education policies.

  Chen believes that theory and on-site teaching practice are equally crucial. She enjoys interacting and exchanging opinions with teachers and students on site; therefore, she often participates in teacher education and teaching material development in addition to assisting in learning strategy training classes as a lecturer or teaching supervisor. Since her decision to dedicate herself to education, she has been mindful of her goal, which is to participate in and commit to improving every part of education.

Research Field
  • Educational Psychology
  • Reading Strategy Instruction
  • Readability
  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology and Counseling, National Taiwan Normal University
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