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Chen, Kuan-Ming
  • 陳冠銘Chen, Kuan-Ming Assistant Research Fellow, Research Center for Testing and Assessment
  • kmchen@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7312

  The research work of Kuan-Ming Chen mainly focused on the psychological modeling of human perception, which requires mathematic explanations and details of the mechanisms of human perceptual behaviors. Based on the training of psychological methodology and psychometrics, his research interests currently include implementation of the following: 1) plausible values for longitudinal survey data (specifically based on the database of Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement - Longitudinal), 2) psychometric research related to international large-scale educational surveys and assessments, and 3) psychological studies for improving children’s body–mind harmony, including the design and evaluation of a program to increase students’ well-being in schools. To combine his training, career, and interests, Kuan-Ming Chen intends to integrate psychological and educational studies. Thus, a solid evidence base will be provided for prospective educational policies, while he seeks meaningful personal research results.

Research Field
  • Large-Scale Educational Assessment and Survey
  • Psychometrics and Psychological Testing
  • Perceptual and Cognitive Psychology
Publications: Journal Articles(2)專章(1)
Found: Results
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