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Zhan, Mei-Hua
  • 詹美華Zhan, Mei-Hua Associate Research Fellow, Center for Textbook Research
  • meihua@mail.naer.edu.tw
  • (02)7740-7723

  Dr. Mei-Hua Chan is an Associate Research Fellow of the Research Center for Textbooks, NAER. Her research expertise includes high school history textbooks, the teaching of controversial issues, and history education. She has long been concerned with high school history education and has participated in the development of curriculum guidelines for transforming textbooks and in the teaching and learning of history in high school. Her research aims to investigate disputes over history curriculum guidelines (grades 10–12), controversial issues in history textbooks, and related discussions on how to teach controversial issues.

Research Field
  • High School History Textbooks
  • Teaching Controversial Issues
Found: Results
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