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  • Orthographic Font Form Information Application of “Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants” by the Ministry of Education

    The “Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants” by the Ministry of Education is a large-scale dictionary of Chinese character glyphs for language education and academic research, which is based on the Ministry of Education's standard typefaces for Chinese Characters (Orthographic font) and the corresponding character variants from rime dictionaries that compile ancient and modern words. Each word is accompanied by its orthographic font form information for users to study on its historical development and context. For those words which information is not disclosed, feel free to apply for it by completing the “Orthographic Font Form Information Application Form” and utilize the resources.

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  • Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement (TASA)

    Since 2004, Taiwan Assessment of Student Achievement (TASA) mainly assessed the performance of students in the sixth, eighth, and eleventh grades in Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Science in a triennial cycle, combining a questionnaire to collect information on students’ backgrounds, learning experiences, learning environment, etc. The TASA database is useful for researchers to analyze the factors related to student performance, and for policymakers to improve educational policies.

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