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The NAER has historically published five different journals. Two of them – Educators and Professional Development, and Educational Resources and Research – were first published in 1984 and 1994 by the National Academy for Educational Research Preparatory Office and the National Institute of Educational Resources and Research. In 2015, due to the influence of the trend toward reading online, these two publications were combined into Pulse of Education, an electronic journal that covers both educational theory and contemporary educational practice. Two other publications include the Bulletin of Educational Resources and Research, first published in 1976 by the National Institute of Educational Resources and Research, and primarily exploring national education policy and development trends in Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia; and the Asia Pacific Journal of Educational Development, first published by the NAER in 2012, focusing on educational development trends and emerging topics in the Asia-Pacific region. Later, as a result of policy planning, publication was gradually stopped.
Educational Resources and Research
Bulletin of Educational Resources and Research
Educators and Professional Development
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